StoreBugs: App made for local merchants

A project for my studies commisioned by Maurox.

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AFLOAT: A Web-based mobile game

Check out my new project where I had to create an exergame in a team.

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I like Photography!

Check out my instagram for my past and future photojourneys.

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I'm a designer, developer and a perfectionist

I'm someone who strives for renewal to make our lives better. I continually want to be up-to-date with the latest technologies, and develop them.

About me

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My life

Currently at the end of my third and final year at Howest MCT in Belgium. In my freetime I learn myself new things and explore things on my own.

My Goals

I have a couple of long-term goals and one of them is producing projects that have a big effect on real-world problems. Making effective choices is a big part of that.

My Drive

I don't just love learning but I love being apart of something. Listening to music is also a big drive for me. But the thing I love most is helping people.


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