About Me

My name is Niels. I am an inquisitive young man from the outskirts of West Flanders. From an early age I have been so interested in technology that I can no longer let it go. Because of my curiosity I get to know more and more about technology.

I often have evenings where I completely lose sight of the time. If people ask me if I had a mainstream childhood, I clearly answer no. But I'm proud of it. I have been doing what I love for years and I am not going to stop doing that. 😉

Want to know more?

The prologue

My story started when I was 7 years old. I was fascinated by the internet. I played with websites, social media and live stream sites. But not in the form of just playing, I created Google Sites and Blogs.

Moreover, I also got to know Windows 98 on an old CRT screen. As a kid, I quickly mastered the later versions of Windows. Not many my age can tell this.

I also had a second love namely music and DJ. Although I stopped my hobby as a DJ, the interest in sound and light techniques has remained.

The sequel

The concept of gaming was presented to me in secondary school. I started playing Minecraft with all my friends. This quickly bored me. I then started programming. I taught myself Java and how to manipulate the Minecraft server. I learned about MySQL and MongoDB to different Linux Distros.

I have taken it very far. I managed to acquire things down to the bleeding edge, which were not in a simple tutorial at the time.

After 3 years of programming for Minecraft, I wanted something more. I taught myself HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I also immersed myself in Linux. From the age of 15 I had some projects such as:


My own screenshot website. Here I have written a system with Java and PHP that automatically uploads my screenshots to the web server and displays them accordingly.


A web store linked to the PayPal API. Here I learned my fair share of PHP and REST API's.


A MultiPress backend system: That system can dynamically create new WordPress sites for use. Every user has his own folder via the SFTP protocol that nobody else can access.

What's next?

My studies and curiosity

Soon after my last project, MultiPress, I had to choose what I would study further. The choice was actually made fairly quickly. My entire school career went smoothly.

The first years of high school I chose the direction of electricity. Since I spent all my free time on "the web", I then chose the Multimedia direction at the VTI Bruges. When I graduated, I received the Febelgra prize for my year project.

In the end I opted for MCT, Media and Communication Technology. This study is the perfect continuation of my basic electricity and my prior knowledge of the web and programming.

Even during my first year MCT I am constantly working on my own projects. I recently studied email servers. Now I can also receive emails on my domain name, finally.

Hopefully I can continue to follow my passion for a long time, driven and passionate, surrounded by like-minded colleagues.