Project AFLOAT

Year 2020
Client Howest
Type Exergame

What is AFLOAT?

AFLOAT is a web-based mobile exergame for kids that are 6-12 years old. It's an assignment from college where I had to work in a team. We had to use scrum as project management. The game is really simple to play. You have to use a Bosu ball to lean left and right to move your character and avoid icicles. To make it a bit harder, you also need to jump over penguins by leaning forward. The longer you can play in plank posture, standing position and squatting posture the more points you get.

I was appointed to develop the game and write the backend whilst the others developed the front-end and designed the whole game. I used Phaser IO together with the Gyroscope API most browsers have implemented. Since competition is a good thing in exercising I also developed a multiplayer mode with MQTT.




Works on recent mobile devices