MCT Discord Bot

Year 2019
Client None
Type Discord bot

What is MCT Discord Bot?

MCT Discord Bot is a management tool coded in Python for my major's Discord community with 200+ students. I developed the bot to manage roles so that each student can choose their respective modules. It also manages warnings, kicks, mutes, bans and logs it in a Google Spreadsheet. To make it easy for everyone I developed 2 ways to get their ranks, either via chat or via a website that's linked with a built-in API.

It's developed with the main idea that it needs to be reusable if I want to make a new bot. So I implemented dynamic imports to search for all the commands and event listeners. It also allows command reloading so I don't need to restart the whole bot when I've changed a single command.


Lightmode of the sign up procedure

Darkmode of the sign up procedure