Year 2020
Client Maurox (Howest)
Type Web Native App & AI Module

What's Storebugs?

StoreBugs is a multi-platform web native app that provides a place for local merchants to sell their products. In that way they also have a place in the vast e-commerce landscape. This is a project for my university that I did with Tibo Sevenhant and Luka De Bakker. My team's job was to create a demo app to showcase our AI module.

The app itself was made in Ionic Angular which I partly worked on during development. The backend was made in NodeJS that connected directly to Neo4J and MongoDB. It also served as a direct proxy to our AI Module that's on a Flask API.

The AI Module, made with Tensorflow, had a couple of tasks. These included: Image based product classification and product similarity based on Title, Image and tags.